Ep 74 - Pete Evans, Chef & TV Personality

“There is nobody out there that can control what you eat or how you live your life. You are the boss of your decisions.”

- Chef Pete Evans, The Monica Kade podcast


Pete Evans is an internationally renowned household chef, restaurateur, author and television presenter. His passion for food and a healthy lifestyle inspires individuals and families around the world. 

He’s 20 published books, hosted TV shows like My Kitchen Rules, The Paleo Way, Moveable Feast and many more. If you haven’t already seen it, check out his incredible documentary, The Magic Pill (trailer below) screening on Netflix and iTunes, which he produced himself.

I was really taken aback by Pete’s generous responses to my questions. But what I loved most from our chat was his continuous reminder to (you, the listener) to always be in the moment and make conscious choices. His insights truly encourage you to empower yourself.

Not to mention his passion is bloody infectious! He’s such delightful human being. Stoked to have had him on the show. 

Learn About

> When Pete realised he wanted to go down the path of cooking, health and nutrition 
> What the journey was like getting to where he is today
> How Pete navigates the naysayers and industry bodies who are opposed to stepping away from the Standard Australia Diet (SAD)
> How he feels about the impact he’s made towards people’s health and nutrition
> What inspired him to produce his documentary The Magic Pill
> The main insight or lesson he learnt through making this doco
> The environment and new sustainable living initiatives being born into reality
> Plus so many other great tips, lessons and learnings about being in the moment and living mindfully

Signature Questions

> If Pete could attempt another career, what would it be?
> What is Pete afraid of?
> Sunset or sunrise?