Ep 75 - Luke Hines, Nutrition Coach, Author, Personal Trainer

"The most monumental change for me was that rather than knocking
on the door and the door not opening, the door would open ajar...
I had 15 seconds of an opportunity to put my foot in the door that I previously wouldn't have had." 

Luke Hines, Ep75. The Monica Kade Show

In episode 75, we chat with Luke Hines. You may recognise Luke from My Kitchen Rules, or maybe you’ve seen him down at Bondi beach; or perhaps you own one of his 9 (well, now, 10) best-selling cookbooks. Luke is a nutrition coach, author and personal trainer with a great love for nutrient dense, delicious meals.

His most recent cookbook release: Smart Carbs, has skyrocketed to popularity and landed itself on the bestseller list. Another one he can tuck under his belt. 

I love cooking, but I'm quite intuitive when I do it. However, I will say that Smart Carbs is the first cookbook that I’ve used and fallen in love with! The meals are so simple and straightforward. You can tell a lot of love and effort has been poured into this book! Also, if you’re a keto or low-carb eater like myself, you won’t know what recipe you’ll want to start with. I mean even if you’re not, you’ll want to devour the whole book.

My chat with Luke makes it to my favourite guests' list and not just because he was such a trooper coming on the show only just getting his voice back that morning. Even so, his husky voice couldn’t cover up his down-to-earth nature and inspiring outlook on nutrition and helping others to live their best life.

I hope you enjoy the episode.

Learn About

> How Luke arrived to his love for health, wellness and being his best?
> How did My Kitchen Rules change his life?
> What’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of what you do?
> How Luke navigated his personal journey of stress, anxiety and working hard?
> How Luke approaches social media and sharing online content?
> Is there a one size fits all approach to food and lifestyle choices?
> Why Luke wrote/created Smart Carbs?
> Luke’s recommendation for changing your nutrition choices?
> What’s the best way to begin eating either low carb, keto or paleo?
> Does the way we eat change at various stages of our life?
> Smart Carbs, the Smart Carb Curve and why you need this book!
> Luke Hines 10 - Meals, Mindset and the Moves, and if this program is for you?

Signature Questions

> Sunset or sunrise?
> If he could attempt another career what would Luke try?
> What is Luke afraid of?
> The piece of life wisdom he received from Angelina Jolie?