Ep 79. Dr Rebecca Ray, Author & Clinical Psychologist: How To Find Your Brave


"You can feel all the feelings and still be brave." 

- Dr Rebecca Ray, Ep79. of The Monica Kade Podcast


In Episode 79 of The Monica Kade Podcast we’re talking to Dr Rebecca Ray. Author, Clinical Psychologist and Speaker. We dive heart-wide-open into what Brave looks like. We get clear on what the word means in a way that you allows you to determine what your definition of brave is and what it looks like to you. We also chat about her latest book, The Universe Listen to Brave.

Beck’s also a dear friend. She’s been an incredible support for the moments where I’ve lost a sense of who I am and where my ability to face what lay in front of me seemed overwhelming. This conversation is like sitting down with the two of us over a cuppa as we share and talk on the beautiful and sometimes messy parts of life.


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Learn about:

- What does the word BRAVE mean to Beck?
- How do you foster and nurture bravery in your life (and how Beck does it)
- What brave can look like, including the not-so-pretty side of it
- One of Beck’s biggest hurdles for 2019
- How she navigates life with a new baby, Bennett, writing books and constantly creating content
- What her life looks like from the inside
- Beck’s wisdom for mothers and women trying to do it all and feel as though they’re not making progress
- What her new book, The Universe Listens to the Brave is all about and how it’ll support you
- The greatest thing Beck learned about herself writing this book
- Where Beck turns when she needs support
- And we spill some inside goss on her upcoming online course for 2019.

We get personal with our signature questions:

- Sunset or Sunrise? Why?
- If Beck could attempt another career what would you like to attempt?
- What’s does ‘Being Your Best’ look like to Beck?

To pre-order a copy of Beck's book, THE UNIVERSE LISTENS TO BRAVE, come this way.