Ep114. There is No Map for Your Success with Award-winning Singer, Rachel Kerr

“Any successful walk is linked to a love walk. There’s got to be a love, a pure and unadulterated love and passion for that thing.”

— Rachel Kerr, Ep114. The Monica Kade Podcast


Welcome to episode 114 of The Monica Kade podcast. Today my guest is Rachel Kerr, a British singer/songwriter, celebrity vocal coach and entrepreneur from Walsall, England with Caribbean heritage. She’s also the CEO and founder of Singercise, a member of the Grammy Award Association and a BET Music Matters endorsed artist.

Rachel is multi-award winning artists and has toured the US, Africa and Europe opening for the likes of Lauryn Hill and Brandy, and she’s also received personal invitations to sing for the Former US President, and UK Prime Minister.

Her last single, 'Alive' received a Grammy Award consideration in 2018 and just last month, Rachel released her new single, ‘Lover, Lover.’

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Rachel. She’s such a down-to-earth, warm and humble woman. You can tell that she loves what she does, that’s she knows herself and the path she’s walking. 

I love how candidly she talked about the behind the scenes of her journey. Real. Pure and completely empowering.


When she discovered her love for singing?
A glimpse into family life and how they supported her singing?
When she realised she wanted to pursue a career in music?
What the journey has been like behind the scenes?
What inspired the creation of Singercise, her singer coaching business?
How Rachel navigates the off days?
What inspired her latest single, ‘Lover, Lover’?
The most rewarding part of all that she does?
What wisdom she has for chasing your dream?
What would you say to the ones who haven’t figured out what they want to do yet?
The impact she strives to have through her work?


What career she’d like to attempt if not a singer
What she believes is her greatest asset
A piece of wisdom she’s lives by