Ep116. Follow the Charm, Act on Impulse with Elise Catchlove

"There will never be any lasting fulfilment in trying to escape yourself, or become someone else." 

- Elise Catchlove, Ep.116 The Monica Kade Podcast


Welcome to Episode 116 of The Monica Kade podcast, I’m joined by Elise Catchlove, the founder and driving force behind meditation school By Catchlove

After spending years running a successful business, and working in the fashion industry, Elise saw first-hand the toll that stress takes on people’s lives. Fast-forward a few years; countless hours of meditation, extensive teacher-training, and a newborn baby, Elise’s dedication to the practice and desire to help people has brought her to the launch of Queensland’s first Vedic Meditation School, By Catchlove. 

Elise was a delight to chat to. I loved her grounded energy, her truthful attitude towards parenting, meditation and business.

She’s one of those people you meet and feel an immediate bond with, which makes the conversation all that much more enjoyable. I hope this chat inspires you to turn inward and slow down in your life so you can be more of who you truly are.


Her career as an actress and why she left 
How she started her career working in fashion
Why she walked away from her fashion business
When she discovered meditation
What inspired her idea to start By Catchlove Meditation School
What is Vedic Meditation
The impact meditation has had on her life
How it supports her as a mother
Her wisdom for individuals who don’t think they can meditate or say it’s not for them
The most rewarding thing about starting the school
How often Elise meditates
What changes she’s personally experienced in her life through meditation



What career Elise would attempt if not in this one?
What scares Elise?
What’s a piece of wisdom she lives by?