Ep117. Love the Sh!t Out of It, No Matter What It Is! with Emmylou MacCarthy

"Nothing happens overnight. Nothing at all.
We really need to understand that."

- Emmylou MacCarthy, Ep117 of The Monica Kade Podcast


In Episode 117 of The Monica Kade Podcast I sat down with Emmylou MacCarthy. Many of you follow her on Instagram, have seen her on TV, have watched her host live events and shared the behind the scenes journey of chasing her dream to becoming a TV presenter.

In a world filled with fakes, Emmylou is the real deal. She swears. She cries. She shares inside tips about how to achieve a flawless red lip (hint: it involves a toothbrush). And she’s built a fun, fearless tribe who follow her every move.

She’s an accredited fashion stylist and make-up artist, but today she’s added TV producer and presenter to her resume. 

Emmylou has built a fiercely loyal tribe on Instagram. From cooking demos to makeup artistry, building your confidence and chasing your dreams, she knows how to tell a story that resonates with her community. 

In 2018, Emmylou took her Confidence is Contagious tour on the road and looks set to return for more in 2019. She has put together an explosive live show, sharing insider tips to help her tribe break out of their comfort zone and shine on the world’s stage.

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Emmylou, it was raw, real and packed with laughter. So many nuggets of wisdom included. A lovely human being!



What she dreamed of becoming as a kid
How she got into dance and how its influenced her as an adult
Did she always want to become a mother
How she feels about having opened up her family to social media
The philosophy she lives by
The hardest part, behind the scenes that you don’t get to see on social media
How she has navigated the dark days and how you can too
What inspired her clothing line
How she feels about having her own show on Australian national TV - 10Peach
The reason she’s releasing a cookbook in April 2020



What Emmylou believes is her greatest asset
The pieces of wisdom she lives her life by today