M/M Series: Ep 2. Rising Above Fear

It doesn’t matter the size of the fear.
The size of the fear is big because you’re smaller than it.
Still, you must rise.

- Amir Zoghi, The Monica Kade podcast 


Welcome to Episode 2 of the Mind Over Matter 4-part mini-series. 
Today’s episode is about Rising Above Fear.

In this conversation, Amir and I delve into the way fear can govern our life if we allow it. We discuss the ways that fear keeps us small and Amir beautifully shows you how you can bring awareness to the areas fear is driving the bus.

We chat about why it’s not about getting rid of the thoughts in our mind, rather bringing stillness to the mind — and how you can do that.

This discussion isn’t about changing your beliefs or reprogramming your mind in the way that the self-development and sometimes the spiritual world presents to us. It’s something far greater.

So, tune in to learn how you can rise above fear.


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