M/M Series: Ep 3. Free Your Mind

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Mind Over Matter 4-part mini-series. 
Today’s episode is titled: Free Your Mind.


This conversation with Amir is most powerful. 

We look at two types of wants: You either want something because you need it or you want something because you love it. This episode highlights the key difference between the two.

Amir talks about what stops you from freeing your mind and helps you understand how you place limitations on experiencing the moment for what it is by holding on to your past experiences and future ideas. And, we look at how ‘need’ influences our ability to bring to fruition — or manifest what we’d love. 

It’s a deep conversation, so sit back and immerse yourself fully.

Oh - and find out if I took the Aerobatic flight he challenged me to take. 


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