Wednesday, 9th October 2019

"Illness is a call of action. It’s a call from the deepest part of ourselves; the authentic part of us. That authentic part is calling us to come back home, and calling you to be who you were designed to be."

- Dr Carolyn Coker Ross, Ep108. The Monica Kade Podcast


Wednesday, 2nd October 2019

"I don’t let anyone project what they think my life should be like. So many people have opinions around how you should live and what you should do, and how things are supposed to look. I can’t let anyone do that for me. As this is my life, just as it’s your life."

Wednesday, 25th September 2019

In Episode 106. The Woman Who Reinvented Vegemite for Those with Food Intolerances, we sit down with Everymite Founder, Cinnamon Morrisey.

Cinnamon is one of those individuals you cross paths with and they leave a mark in your heart—as I’m sure you’ll gather from our conversation.

Aside from her down-to-earth nature and warm presence, she’s behind the brand Everymite. Everymite is the answer for those who LOVE the good ol’ Aussie vegemite (me) but cannot eat it because of food intolerances (also me).

However, now you can! Everymite is a certified organic spread that’s nutrient dense and preservative free that tastes just like vegemite. With three varieties available, you can now lather your Everymite on toast, seed crackers, keto bread (and all the other bread alternatives). Have it with cheese, avocado, or just plain ol' butter.

Tuesday, 17th September 2019

Welcome to Episode 105 of The Monica Kade podcast. This week’s woman to watch is Linda Monique the CEO and Founder of Almo Milk, Australia’s most premium, 100% grown and made, long-life almond milk.

Before establishing Almo, Linda lived many lives. She studied Commerce and Arts at the University of Melbourne, she’s lived in Milan and London, lectured in food design, and dabbled in being a private chef for a number of A-List celebrities and high net worth individuals. She’s also been on Masterchef, a TED speaker and won the 2018 Telstra Young Business Awards.

Wednesday, 11th September 2019

Welcome to Episode 104 of The Monica Kade Podcast, today’s guest is Sienna Roocroft. She’s a 6 year old entrepreneur who recently launched her first business, No Little Glitter.
When her mum Sarah Nally, asked her what problem she wanted to solve in the world, Sienna said: Stop war and help the refugees. Sienna saw glitter as a way to make lives brighter, the planet cleaner and contribute to lifting the vibration of consciousness. Well, that’s my take, she doesn’t quite know that yet.

My youngest ever guest on the podcast, and definitely a young woman to keep to watch!

Wednesday, 4th September 2019

“Even though it’ll be really hard now and it feels impossible and you want to give up. Giving up will be easier. And yeah, you might feel better. And that feeling will only be there for so long and in 15 years you’re going to look back, or meet someone that’s doing what you wanted to do—and you’re going to regret not pursuing what you really wanted to.”

— Amanda LaCount, Ep103. The Monica Kade Podcast

Wednesday, 28th August 2019

In Episode 102 of The Monica Kade Podcast, I sat down with Pip Summerville; the Founder and Creative Director of Tonik, an all-natural health capsule company, with a no-fluff approach to feeling good. Tonik was founded in 2016 by pip from the desire to make natural health supplements easier and more convenient for the health conscious consumer—but first and foremost it was the solution to a personal problem. With the help of her pharmacist father, Glenn, they went on to create the much loved Tonik brand.

Sunday, 11th August 2019

“You live a very, very different life when early on you begin to see that self-care is not extra credit. It’s not that spa treatment you treat yourself to once a year. Self-care is constantly evaluating if something is good for you or not—if something feels good to you or not.”  

— Sheri Salata, Ep101. The Monica Kade podcast 

Tuesday, 25th June 2019

"Everyone is obsessed with calories. Calories are just a measurement of energy. If we focused on nutrients and not calories we wouldn’t have
this obsession with weight, and probably have a healthier population
of people.  Let’s just eat the foods that don’t cause ill
health and not eat everything else."

- Dr Robert Zembroski, Ep100. The Monica Kade Podcast


Wednesday, 19th June 2019

"Sometimes you're given the challenge to show others it can be moved."

- Boitumelo Theepe, Ep99. The Monica Kade Podcast


Here we are. The final episode in the OWLAG series, Ep99. Don't Listen to Fear, Express Your Joy with Boitumelo Theepe.